Ayush Motwani

I sometimes wonder, what the difference is, between love and lust, and I don’t know why I even wonder when it’s all so clear. Love is a blessing which knocks the doors of few. The irony is, some are able to cherish and nurture it forever, while the unfortunate ones tend to lose this precious gift. In today’s generation the most common thing which destroys loving relations is the onset of infatuation towards a third one. True love has lost the meaning in itself. People, today, lack the sense of commitment, which is the foremost step to any everlasting relationship. I don’t know what perceptions people have about love and lust, but what I have known so far is that Love accepts your imperfections, that you are ugly and beautiful all together and doesn’t try to change it, love cares, love is insecure, love doesn’t hide itself from the world, love waits and the most imp. Love commits. Lust keeps you drawn towards the physical part of a loving relationship. Lust longs for the flesh. There isn’t room for love in a Lustful relationship. Although there is a physical aspect in a loving relationship, but that shouldn’t be the driving desire. You enjoy each other mentally and soulfully when there’s love. Which is a lot more satisfying that a mere few moments of pleasure what lust markets, leaving you in nightmares. There is a very thin line between realizing the two. Its truly not in your hands to feel a certain way for someone, or get attracted to. It’s even worst when this happens when you are already in a loving relation. By “loving relation” here I mean a literally deep true love. And once you’ve had someone who loved you with all their heart you can’t settle for anything less, or maybe you can never settle!!! Yes, its wrong, it’s wrong to hurt your partner who places complete trust on u, and then the guilt sets in. Trust me it eats you up like termites and creates a void in the heart impossible to fill. But it’s in our hands to go away from the lustful attraction which you feel is Love! Very seldom it so happens, where one can turn the lust into love with tremendous efforts. Only if you have genuine feelings towards the other...but this magic happens very seldom. I don’t think you can fake warmth. You can fake lust, jealousy, anger; those are all quite easy. But actual genuine warmth? I don’t think you can fake it. As the saying goes “You lose the moon, while counting the stars”, lust too feels like start. All sparkles and shimmer but stars are only gases my darling! Love is like the moon, which has a rock-solid foundation and a light of its own. To all the people lost in between this confusion I urge you to sit back and think. Because deep inside I know that you know the right thing, and you want it too. Do what is to be done before its late. before you lose your moon too. Choose Love. No matter what because If the love is true it would always choose you.

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