Vayu Nehra

Lying in bed too exhausted to be angry shadows, a little too close snuggle up next to me. the city is at peace but why aren't you? on this hour of desperation I conjure up a dream. are you happy now? in sweet white dreams under the shining sun are you at peace? but these illusions, are just that nothing tangible, it's not real. I might have smiled at the sight of rainbows but there's a storm raging within. the world I dream of is pitch black, with grand skies and a starry night shining down on me starlight and silence, that is where I belong. those too bright dreams hurt my eyes, they're too pure so fragile, all they need is a nudge OBLIVION Page 64 and they'll shatter. but, I'll run following the night sky beyond infinity and my limits. with darkness in me, I don't need to hide, from the blinding lights, I'll just daydream.

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