Sumit Tyagi

...and then the tsunami of sadness swept over him, yet he didn’t see it coming, it was as if, the gigantic wave was creeping towards him, slowly, yet steadily, in such a manner that he would never know when it had engulfed him in it’s arms, like a mother coddling her baby, the wave immersed him in her, it was deemed as if an evil bedlam was holding him in her arms, as he weeped, she cooed him with sadness infecting him deep down till his bones, and her rotten teeth were shown as she smiled at his helplessness, her black robes fell, as her deformed and vile body shown in light with sheer darkness, her skin hanging loose from her bones, disgusting whatever got a glimpse of them. And I, him, knew his fate inevitable, to grow in her custody, till wise and old enough to behead that witched hag, and pike the fallen head on the ground, for a reminder to all those like her that what was to happen if they were to make an attempt as such with any lost soul, and as a reminder for all the souls, that even if they were powerless for now, their time would come. Their time to break free, and make their captors fall, down to the knees, and strike them down at their nape, slash their necks apart, such that their cursed heads would straggle down to our feet. And let know the world, that even the weakest ones can rise up from their ashes and take over the throne of their tyrants. for no tyrant is powerful enough to stop us from dethroning them, for no tyrant is big enough to not let us make their empires fall, and the tyranny fade, for the strongest in this universe, is a want, a will, the will and want to be free, to fly, fly like a bird in a world without darkened skies and polluted hearts. For one day will come, where the sun will shine brighter than the darkness that has seeped in our hearts, the darkness that has made itself at home in our world.

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