About Us

We, under SpotWrite Publications believe in giving a global platform to all those aspiring authors who believe in weaving magic with words. Our focus is to diversify all the possible genres from Educational books to fiction. Spotwrite Publications also being the India’s only nationwide writer’s club tends to find India’s budding writers and potential authors and giving their idea an Identity. We always solicit the power of storytelling and believe everyone is a story waiting to be written.

We publish in Hindi, English and all the major regional languages in all genres. Under SpotWrite, we always endeavour to make book publishing a cakewalk. Our lead comes with the dedicated support team with the seamless quality of service, marketing tactics, and Author’s dashboard with full transparency will always the next door.

Our aim is to identify the real gems from Indian literature and make their stories a masterpiece!

About Co-founder:-

Gauresh Bakane, a young author and entrepreneur. Computer Science student from MIT Pune, finding paths to ditch academics. Always in a quest of success and determined to work with all the guts and glory. After copacetic success with his first book “Beginning of the End” he is again focused to provide platform to all budding and aspiring Authors from his field. Being progressive in his work, he is focused in being the best in the Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Q1.   What makes us different from others ?

Ans.  SpotWrite Publications is determined to give quality services to authors and guarantees the  transparency right from the drafting to sales & marketing. Publishing can be really complicated without the right team. We love literature and respect every form of it. We believe in crafting the book with the words. We understand writer’s pain and strain they go through finding the perfect story and weaving them into words. We solicit that if book is an Art then you are the Artist. Get started with the right team and GET YOUR WRITING SPOTTED in world of millions!

Q2.    What all books we publish ?

Ans.  We publish all forms of novels, short-story books, educational books, Poem & poetry, Auto-biographies in the genres of fiction and non-fiction

Time required to publish a book :-

It takes maximum 3 weeks from the day we start formatting to get hand over your first copy delivered.

Q3.   How will I receive my royalty?

Ans.  Royalty will be credited to your desired bank account after initial amount or on monthly basis.

Q4.   How marketing & promotion will be done?

Ans.   We mainly expertise in Sales & marketing and take responsibility of reaching to maximum audience and making your piece of Art not just in book but a Brand. Marketing and promotion will be done through various blogs and campaigns through social media and websites.

Q5.   What is Author Dashboard ?

Ans.   Author dashboard is a login portal where you will be able to see all the details related to books and sales. Right from the Audience reach to customer feedbacks and number of sales and control each thing about your book.

Q6.    What is Anthology?

Ans.   Anthology is published collection of poems and stories from different writers. We aim to publish an Anthology in every 6 months collecting the best of literature from around the nation and giving Identity to all independent writers.

Our Vision

To find gems from Indian literature and give them a global  platform.

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